Antimicrobial Door Hardware

Anyone who regularly listens to the news has heard reports about the growing threat of infectious diseases such as the Wuhan Corona Virus disease (COVID-19), Ebola, MRSA, E coli, Clostridium difficile (Diarrhea) and influenza (I.e. H1N1), to name a few. Some of these germs have been referred to as antibiotic resistant “Super bugs”. Health research experts estimate that 80% of infectious diseases are spread through direct contact specifically, “Touch”.  One major contact surface which has been identified as a conduit for these germs is door hardware such as knobs, handles, levers, etc.

British researchers have determined that copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze are 90-100% effective in killing harmful microbial organisms in clinical settings. It has been proven that copper kills bacteria at the cellular level, thus earning it recognition as an effective “Antimicrobial”. Hospitals and clinics in the U.K. have responded to these findings and have been installing hardware fixtures containing copper or copper alloys, and other bio static metal compounds such as silver.

Why are we discussing this topic? The door hardware industry in the U.S. is currently responding to this need by launching new product lines containing copper, copper alloys, or ionic silver. These hardware products range from solid metal objects to hardware that utilizes nano coatings (Thinly applied antimicrobial nano particles). The initial products have focused primarily on clinical applications, but residential product lines are emerging and growing in popularity. 

While Anti Microbial door hardware will not stop the spread of infectious disease like the Wuhan Corona Virus on its own, it can be an important part of a larger containment strategy to reduce the risk and spread of infection. Remember to always follow good personal practices such as hand washing to further enhance the effectiveness of this technology. The threat posed from the Wuhan Corona Virus will eventually be overcome but, being prepared for the next inevitable outbreak of a yet unknown foreign pathogen is always prudent.

Locksmith On Call offers a complete line of commercial antimicrobial hardware, as well as, residential antimicrobial door hardware products.


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