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Safeguarding your home is an invaluable investment that you don’t want to overlook. Often times, it’s not until after an intrusion, theft, or damage has occurred that homeowners take the first steps to protect themselves. Why wait for your home to be compromised when you can be proactive today? Locksmith on Call offers comprehensive residential locksmith services to all Bressi Ranch, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Costa, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach communities, and surrounding areas.

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When it comes to protecting your home and family, remember Locksmith On Call for all of your home locksmith needs.

Lock Repair and Replacement Services

Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:

The process of rekeying a lock involves changing the pin tumblers or wafers inside the lock mechanism. This process renders the existing key useless, thus requiring a new key to be used. People frequently refer to this process as “changing the lock”. A more accurate description would be to say “changing the key”, as the same lock cylinder is used, only the key is different.

The reasons for rekeying a lock can be numerous. A lost key, a stolen or non returned key, or maybe you are moving into a new residence and are unsure as to who has a copy of the key to your home. All of these examples are compelling reasons for wanting to ensure that you and your family are safe and your possessions are secure. When in doubt, don’t delay, have your locks rekeyed to a new key and ensure peace of mind.

The process of master rekeying a lock involves re configuring the pin tumblers and drivers inside the lock cylinder to allow more than one key to operate a lock. Although master re-keying is most commonly performed in commercial buildings or multi tenant housing, there are useful applications in homes. One example would be restricting domestic staff or seasonal renters access to certain rooms. The end result allows the master key holder to access all the rooms with just one key, eliminating the need to carry and identify multiple keys.


We offer a wide variety of lock brands, functions, and finishes. We can install hardware supplied by you or sold by us. We also repair door hardware.

Some basic things to ask when you are selecting new hardware:

  1. What type of hardware? (I.e. deadbolt, doorknob, leverset, etc)
  2. What function? (I.e. passage, entry, privacy, etc)
  3. What Grade- 1,2, or 3? (See grade classification below).
  4. What brand, if a brand preference(s) exists? (I.e. Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, etc)
  5. What finish? (I.e. Bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel, etc)


Lock Hardware Functions

  • Entry Function– The knob / lever can be locked or unlocked from the outside using a key, and from the inside using the push button or turn button. This type of hardware is used primarily on exterior doors.
  • Function– The knob / lever is used as a “Pull” handle only. This type of hardware does not turn and consequently, cannot retract a latch. In place of a latch it uses either a Ball Catch, Roller Catch, or a Magnetic Catch to secure the door. These are used on closet doors or the stationary side of some double doors.
  • Passage Function– The knob / lever has no locking mechanism on either side. The door only operates a latch, which keeps the door shut when in the closed position. This is commonly used on hallway doors, or, the bedroom doors of young children.
  • Privacy Function– The knob / lever locks from the inside only using a push button or turn button. This function is used on bathroom or bedroom doors.


Lock Hardware Grades

  • Grade 1– Provides the highest degree of durability and strength for commercial and residential applications. Typically used in high traffic commercial properties.
  • Grade 2- Provides an excellent level of security for residential and light commercial use.
  • Grade 3– Provides a basic level of durability and strength primarily selected for residential use.


The lock grading system is based upon testing results. These tests are conducted by the BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association), who is accredited by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). These tests include the number of cycles a piece of hardware can complete, and the amount of pounds of applied pressure the hardware can withstand before failing.

It is important to note that although a lock is classified as either a grade 1, 2, or 3, not all locks that are rated at the same grade level are equal in overall quality. The construction and performance can vary significantly, as well as, the price. We can assist in selecting the best lock hardware to fit your budget and needs.

LocksmithonCall sells, services, and installs a wide selection of cabinet locks. Ask about our invisible keyless cabinet locks, which are ideal for keeping young children out of cabinets without sacrificing the aesthetics of your cabinets.


Damaged keys or keys broken off inside a lock. We can often replicate a damaged key, or, extract a piece of a key which has broken off inside a lock.


Have you lost your mailbox keys, or, recently moved into a new home? Do you know who might have a copy of your mailbox key?

Mailbox locks have cylinders that generally consist of four or five pin tumblers or wafers and are not designed to be easily rekeyed, but they are simple and relatively inexpensive to replace and come with new keys. These locks are an affordable preventative measure to mail theft. Mail theft is a common problem, which often results in identity theft, and monetary loss. Many acts of mail theft can be prevented through the installation of a new mailbox lock.

We offer an affordable mailbox lock replacement service. We can quickly replace your old lock with a new one, including four key copies.


Many manual garage doors, and some electric garage doors have keyed lock cylinders. These locks can provide security to your belongings, and in the case of electric doors, allow the door to be opened from the outside during a power outage.We can open a garage door lock and make a key or replace the lock with a new lock and keys.


We offer home security surveys. After conducting a survey and presenting our recommendations, we can implement measures to make your home more secure against physical attacks.


We offer a wide range of burglary and fire rated safes and can deliver and install them in your home. We can recombinate your safe, or, get into a safe when a combination has been lost. We can also relocate your safe to a new location.


We sell, service and install electronic door locks. There are many types and brands to choose from. The most popular are the push button, battery operated models, but other options include biometric locks which read and authorize fingerprints, or, locks that read cards. Electronic locks can also be hardwired. Many models allow the user the option to open the lock both electronically and with a traditional key.

Additionally, there are emerging smart phone activated locks now becoming available. This new technology is still being evaluated by many in the physical security field. Please contact us for available options.


LocksmithonCall sells, installs, and services affordable home video surveillance solutions.


The average house, condo and apartment contain numerous glass windows. Windows can pose a serious security risk. A windows ability to withstand tampering and breaking depends on the design and quality of the material. We offer Shatter Resistant window film. This product is transparent and can resist force, including glass cutting attacks.


Locksmith on Call handles many different residential locksmith services.

Our residential locksmith services come with affordable rates and speedy service times.

If you live in Bressi Ranch, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Costa, Oceanside, Olivenhain, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach communities we would love to serve you!