Key Control

Key Control- Restricted keyways and high-security locks.

Many consumers find themselves in situations where they have security concerns due to a possible compromise of their door locks effectivness, due to the uncontrollable reproduction of unauthorized key duplicates.  With the rising availability of key duplication sources, it is an area of concern for all of us as to the legitimacy of the key duplication.  The majority of the keys in use today can be duplicated in countless retail type outlets, and yes, sometimes the key copy actually works. This means that a person who has access to your door key, even for a short period of time, can  easily and quickly obtain a copy. No personal identification is requested, or required.  In the event of a master keyed system, where multiple keys are also keyed to one “master key” which fits all locks, this will comprise the entire multiple door system, such as an office building or apartment complex. What are some solutions to this problem?  

A quick economical fix to this dilemma can be the installation of a restricted keyway cylinder. A restricted key can make obtaining an unauthorized key copy largely unfeasible due to strategic limited distribution by the manufacturer. In addition only authorized persons, required by locksmith on call, to provide identification, may obtain duplicate key copies. Many  restricted key systems are surprisingly affordable. Depending on the type of door hardware in use, they may be incorporated into the existing door locks, saving the expense of buying new hardware.  A master key locksmith may also use these in a commercial building or multi unit housing master key plan.

Another solution is the use of a proprietary key lock cylinder. These locks and keys are exclusively and contractually assigned to the designated locksmith / end user through the manufacturer and are often protected by law, usually by a patent. These locks might also be UL rated as a high security lock if a person is seeking added resistance to lock manipulation and forcible entry attacks. Like the restricted key lock, the proprietary lock may also be fitted to many types of existing door locks. A master key locksmith can incorporate these locks into a master keyed system.

While on the topic, what are the best high security door locks? Many quality brands exist, such as Abloy, ASSA, Medeco, and Mul T Lock. Other reputable manufacturers who make high security locks are Arrow, Corbin, Kaba, Sargent, and Schlage to name a few. believes the best high security door locks depend upon individual needs and applications. Contact for a free consultation concerning any of these restricted, proprietary and high security lock applications. 

With any of these key control systems, will supervise key copy distribution, and will notify you if someone attempted to obtain a copy, who is not authorized or has been removed from a list of authorized users.



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