Key Control

Key Control- Restricted keyways and high-security locks.

Key Control is the distribution and tracking of key copies. If, the primary concern of the end user is the unauthorized duplication of a key, preventing this is best accomplished through the use of a uniquely designed and protected keyway. This is called a restricted keyway lock. These locks can only be obtained through an authorized dealer. The issuance of key copies to these locks are tightly controlled and documented. Many of these locks are protected by patents. These locks generally provide protection against unauthorized duplication well beyond the patent expiration date. Additionally, the better restricted keyways have restrictive keyways which make manipulation of the lock more difficult. These locks can sometimes be a surprisingly affordable solution to better key control.

Restricted high security locks offer the same benefit as a restricted keyway lock, but, are UL Listed. These locks use high grade steel components and are engineered to resist various physical attacks.

Locksmith On Call offers both restricted and high security keyways, comparable to higher priced product lines but, at a more affordable price.

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