Commercial Locksmith Services

Locksmith On Call provides a high standard of Commercial Locksmith Services in the North County Coastal Region of San Diego County.  The customers we service range from small retail shops to large corporate office buildings, real estate agencies and property management companies/ homeowners associations.   We are licensed by the California Contractors State License Board #1049655.  Our pricing is reasonable and structured to meet each customers needs and budget.  

Here are some of the most recently requested services we have provided to our customers:

  • Re-key lock cylinders
  • Lock and key installation
  • Keypad locks, both mechanical and digital
  • Lock hardware repair
  • High security locks
  • Restricted key systems
  • Key control
  • Key making
  • Key replacement
  • Do Not Duplicate keys
  • Panic/Push bars/Exit devices – Installation, repairs and replacement
  • Proximal card/FOB access systems
  • Master key systems

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The rekeying of locks is an important security detail often overlooked by a business. Employee turnover, termination, or poor key control are just a few reasons why a business should periodically re key their locks. A lock is re keyed by making internal changes to the lock’s cylinder, after which the old key is made obsolete and a new key now operates the lock.


Many businesses, large or small, can benefit from having a master key system in place. A master key plan can reduce the number of keys carried by authorized personnel who require greater access to more areas in a building, or multiple buildings, while limiting the access of others. These systems can range from a basic two level to a complex five or six level. Depending on how the master key system is designed, a single designated key (Master) can operate every door, while other keys (Change Keys) may only operate a few doors or even a single door. In between these extremes are sub-master keys, which may open groups of doors.


Many consumers find themselves in situations where they have security concerns due to the possible compromise of their door locks due to the proliferation of unauthorized key copies. The majority of the keys in use today can be duplicated in countless retail type outlets, and yes, sometimes the key copy actually works. This means that a person who has access to your door key can often easily obtain a copy in a relatively short period of time. In the event of a master keyed system this may comprise multiple doors, such as an office building or apartment complex. What are some solutions to this problem?  

A quick economical fix to this dilemma can be the installation of a restricted keyway cylinder. A restricted key can make obtaining an unauthorized key copy largely unfeasible due to strategic limited distribution by the manufacturer.  In addition only authorized persons may obtain duplicate key copies.  Some restricted key systems can be surprisingly affordable. Depending on the type of door hardware in use, they may be incorporated into the existing door locks.  A master key locksmith may also use these in a commercial building or multi unit housing master key plan.

Another solution is the use of a proprietary key lock cylinder. These locks and keys are exclusively and contractually assigned to the designated locksmith / end user through the manufacturer and are often protected by law, usually by a patent. These locks might also be UL rated as a high security lock if a person is seeking added resistance to lock manipulation and forcible entry attacks. Like the restricted key lock, the proprietary lock may also be fitted to many types of existing door locks. A master key locksmith can incorporate these locks into a master keyed system.

While on the topic, what are the best high security door locks? Many quality brands exist, such as Abloy, ASSA, Medeco, and Mul T Lock. Other reputable manufacturers who make high security locks are Arrow, Corbin, Kaba, Sargent, and Schlage to name a few. Locksmith On Call believes the best high security door locks depend upon individual needs and applications. Contact for a free consultation concerning restricted, proprietary and high security lock applications.


High security locks and keys not only offer key control, but are manufactured with stronger materials with increased tolerances and have enhanced security design features. These features are engineered to make the lock more resistant to manipulation and physical attack. Additionally, high security keys and locks are covered by utility patents, which means that they offer the highest level of both key control and lock security.


LocksmithonCall offers professional key duplication services and stocks a large inventory of domestic and foreign key blanks. Our machines are professionally maintained and regularly calibrated, which is necessary for accurate key duplication. We can also originate a new key (Code Cut) according to factory specifications. Whether you need a single key copy or several hundred key copies we can fulfill your orders.


We sell, service/repair, and install a wide range of commercial hardware.

  • Exit Hardware
  • Panic Hardware
  • Fire Hardware
  • Door Closers


When selecting commercial door hardware, many buyers tend to focus on the styles and finishes, that is the aesthetics. Others, may be primarily concerned with the security aspects of the lock mechanism and the keys. However, it is vitally important to select the proper grade and function while complying with the applicable codes. Failure to comply with the fire codes, life safety codes, building codes and the ADA guidelines (Americans with Disabilities Act) may result in an increase of insurance rates, fines, lawsuits, and costly replacement of hardware.

The ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines) addresses the issue of accessibility. These guidelines define the characteristics of approved door hardware and how they must function. These guidelines are intended to make the use of door hardware easier for people with physical limitations, and allow them access to public places.

Another essential factor when selecting commercial door hardware is the requirement for “Means of Egress”.

What is the “Means of Egress”? Essentially, this is the requirement that a building owner must provide the buildings occupants the means to safely exit a room or structure in the event of an emergency. These requirements are determined and enforced by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Means of egress consist of several components. On, this site, we are concerned with the door hardware applications as it pertains to the Exit door component (And to include interior doors).

Due to the complex and varied application of the codes and standards and the ADA guidelines, it is impossible to thoroughly cover the topic on this site. It is recommended that a security hardware expert visit the location, or review a detailed written plan in order for a proper assessment to be drafted. Below is a brief, non inclusive description of exit hardware.


Exit hardware is typically defined as a single contact point latch which is actuated by a lever or paddle. Exit hardware is a necessary component of the modern business and industrial building environment. This type of hardware comes in a wide range of styles and finishes to complement office decor.


Panic hardware is commonly described as a push bar, crash bar, or, push paddle. Older styles are referred to as a push pipe or push rod. These devices have a length that must measure at least one half the width of the door it is mounted on. The modern push bar styles are extremely easy to operate. They were designed to allow large numbers of people to quickly exit a room or a building during an emergency, under duress. They are easy and simple to operate, making them handicap friendly.


Fire Hardware is identical to panic hardware in both appearance and function. The difference is it MUST be used on designated fire door assemblies (door/frame/hinges). Non fire rated panic hardware cannot be used on designated fire doors. Fire rated hardware can only be replaced with the same (Note-a fire rated door that is not designated as such does not have to have fire rated hardware attached).
All of these commercial door hardware applications must release (disengage the lock/latch) with a maximum force of between 5 to 8 ½ lbs of pressure applied to the actuating surface. The amount of force is determined by the AHJ.


LocksmithonCall sells, services, and installs a wide variety of cabinet locks.

  • Small pin tumbler cylinders, offer low cost options.
  • Commercial keyway cylinders, can be used in existing masterkey systems.
  • Interchangeable Core cylinders, can be used with existing IC Core systems.
  • Push button locks, offer keyless options.
  • Concealed/Invisible locks, which operate using radio frequency technology.
  • High security cylinders, offer the highest levels of protection and compliance (When required).


We sell and install a wide range of file cabinet locks.
The most common file cabinet locks are pin tumbler or wafer cylinders. These are usually factory installed into the cabinet and have “codes” that are stamped into the face of the lock. These codes can often be successfully researched by the locksmith so that a key can be reproduced in the event of a lost or damaged key. Sometimes, a key can be created through a technique called“impressioning”. These types of locks can often be replaced in the event of a damaged,or rare keyway for which a key copy cannot be easily obtained.

File cabinet locks can also be surface mounted on the cabinet. This method is usually selected when a cabinet does not have a factory installed lock, a replacement lock cannot be obtained,or, the dimensions/configuration of the cabinet do not allow such a lock cylinder to be used. The most common external locks are file locking bars, which block the drawers from opening and use a padlock to lock the bar in place.

We carry a large inventory of mailbox locks designed to fit a wide range of older, pre 2006, locking mailboxes. We also carry the USPS 1172C compliant cylinder designed to fit the newer 4C centralized mailbox receptacles.

We sell and install United States Postal Service (USPS) authorized 4C centralized mail boxes by Auth-Florence. The most popular types are the CBU’s (Cluster Box Units) and NDCBU’s (Neighborhood Delivery Collection Box Units). All units are delivered with USPS compliant locks already installed.

Due to increasing incidents of mail theft in the United States, The United States Postal Service (USPS) instituted more stringent lock requirements in 2006. The new specifications increased the total number of codes used in the newly manufactured USPS -L-1172C compliant lock cylinders. There are now 4,000 possible key combinations in use, thus decreasing the odds of two different random user keys opening the same lock. The new measures also increased the quality and strength of the lock materials making it more resistant to forced entry attempts.


A door closer is a device that closes an opened door mechanically.
We install a wide range of electronic, automatic and manual door closers. Door closers are an important part of any building’s fire safety plan, and can help prevent the spread of fire / smoke. Door closers can also help in maintaining room temperatures.


These types of closers are designed to be used on designated fire doors. They can be used to legally hold a fire door open, and automatically close the fire door upon activation via a fire alert system.

Manual door closers operate using a hydraulic device. These devices are simple, yet effective.

Types of manual door closers

  • Surface Mounted – The closer is usually on the top of the door ,or, sometimes on the door jamb.
  • Frame Concealed – The closer is placed in a space inside the door frame.
  • Door Concealed – The closer is placed inside the door itself.
  • Floor Concealed – The closer is placed in a space hidden underneath the point where the door swings or pivots.
  • High Security– These closers are designed for use in high crime areas, and are built to withstand physical attacks and abuse.


Automatic door openers are electrified devices that can open a door utilizing a motor gearbox and control box. They can be activated with a push button or a motion detector. When activated, they open a door slowly and with minimal force. These devices are code compliant and meet ADA requirements.

Types of automatic door openers/closers

  • Electro-mechanical – Are used in high traffic corridors with a need for frequent automatic use. These systems automatically close the door as well. These are commonly used in hospitals.
  • Electro-Hydraulic – Primarily used on doors where the automated feature is only used occasionally. This type of system combines an efficient, low energy automatic operator with a manual door closer.
  • Pneumatically powered – These systems can be used in places where a conventional electric system is not permitted, or, is not practical. These systems are quiet to operate as they use compressed air to power the pneumatic automatic operator, but can also be used in the manual mode utilizing a manual door closer.


These types of closers are designed to be used on designated fire doors. They can be used to legally hold a fire door open, and automatically close the fire door upon activation via a fire alert system.

We sell and install CCTV and IP video surveillance camera systems. See our “Security” section.


We sell, install, and service a wide range of safes for commercial use. We can also relocate your safe to a new location. See our “Security” section for more.

-Fire rated burglary safes.
-Depository safes.
-Data safes.
-Wall safes.
-Floor safes.
-Pharmacy safes.
-Teller lockers.
-Undercounter safes.
-Gun safes.
-Custom safes.


LocksmithonCall handles many different commercial locksmith services.

Our residential locksmith services come with affordable rates and speedy service times.

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