What is the best door lock / door hardware to use on oceanfront buildings?

Home and business owners in the North County Coastal communities of San Diego County are generally aware of the detrimental effect that the ocean has on all things metal.  This can be especially true of door hardware – deadbolts, door knobs, handles, locks, bolts, latches, mechanical and electronic keypads, to name a few. 

What causes the damage to these metal objects?  It’s the salt contained in the sea water. When we say salt, we are specifically referring to sodium chloride. When the turbulent ocean waters create small salt water particles they become airborne in the form of a mist.  The combined oxygenated salt water particles or sea air are carried by the wind and are eventually deposited on metal objects, such as locks. Studies show that sea air can travel up to 50 miles inland from the sea and can accelerate the corrosion of metal up to 10 times greater than regions not affected by salt water oceans.

There steps that can be taken to slow or lessen the damaging corrosive effects of living and working in a marine environment. Regular scheduled preventative maintenance of locking door hardware which includes the removal of accumulated dried salt particles from the surface through the application of wet and dry lubricants that prevent seizure and resist the corrosive effects of salt. 

Of course, the greatest advantage we have in the fight against these corrosive elements is by selecting a product that is specifically designed, manufactured and rated to withstand these harsh conditions.  

There are product lines constructed with non ferrous materials designed to resist the corrosive effects of the sea air. Some manufacturers products are coated utilizing PVD,   (Physical Vapor Deposition) method, ensuring an extremely durable protective finish.  Also, some finishes withstand the elements better than others. Satin Chrome, Antiqued brass, and some Oil rubbed finishes are generally favored options on ocean front doors. 


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