Cabinet door locks, which cabinet locks are best?

Cabinet door locks, which cabinet locks are best? 1

Cabinet door locks.  Which cabinet locks are the best? 


When a consumer is shopping for cabinet door locks it can be rather confusing as to which cabinet locks are best suited to meet their security needs due to the vast number of cabinet locks being sold in today’s market.  The type of cabinet door locks most commonly sold and used in the U.S. are Cam locks.   Traditionally these are either a pin tumbler or wafer lock with high security options available.  In recent years, electronic cabinet locks have grown in use and popularity.  Electronic cabinet locks have evolved into electronic cylinders, key-less lock mechanisms operated by cards or fobs and keypads.  Additionally,  some electronic cabinet locks such as Wi-fi cylinders have the advantage in that they can be concealed. 

In terms of cost, traditional cam locks are generally cheaper than high security cabinet door locks (Cam) and electronic cabinet locks.  Also, high security electro-mechanical cam locks are available at a greater cost.  These hybrid cam locks blend the traditional mechanical high security lock with electronic encryption and audit trail capabilities.

Some important considerations when shopping for conventional or electronic cabinet locks are;

Is the lock for indoor or outdoor use?

Is the cabinet door made of wood, metal, or composite?

Is the security level low or high?

Is the lock to be operated by a single user or master keyed?

Are there any special applications? (I.e. HIPA, Pharmacy / medical clinic, etc.)

What is the budget?

By first answering the above questions, the best decision can be made when choosing the right cabinet lock.


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