Continuous Door Hinge

What is a continuous hinge? Also, known as “Piano” hinges, these hinges run the full length of the door and door frame to which they are attached. Continuous hinges are superior in design to conventional mortise or butt hinges. The simple fact that the weight of the door is evenly distributed over the entire length of the door frame, thus reducing the stress and wear placed on the hinge itself. Due to their ability to carry heavy doors and over-sized doors makes these doors ideal for use in high traffic commercial settings and in extreme environments that subject the hinge and door opening to abuse.  A continuous hinge provides a noticeably smooth action. That is why they are used on pianos and are often called “Piano” hinges.  A heavy piano door can be opened or closed without disturbing the finely tuned instrument inside.

The two main types of continuous hinges are “Pin and Barrel” and “Geared”. These hinges can be manufactured from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The specifications of the door and the location of the door determine which type of hinge and which metal is best suited.

A continuous hinge is a practical solution to extend the use of an existing door often resulting in savings over replacing the door and frame itself. Other benefits include increased security and a reduction in vandal abuse due to robust design. The shroud cover of a geared hinge seals off the hinge side of the door opening. This also increases privacy by eliminating gaps in some door openings. These doors also open and close quieter reducing noise.




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