Can a Locksmith operate as a “Green”, sustainable business?

Locksmith On Call believes the answer is “Yes”.  Although there is not a single, clear definition of the term “Sustainability” most people would agree that many practices adopted by The Locksmith On Call company are widely believed to be good for our environment or green. Listed below are a few of our sustainability best pratices. These include the following;

We drive economical, low emission hybrid and electric vehicles. Not only do these vehicles greatly reduce greenhouse gasses, but they also reduce operating cost which in turn allows us to keep our service charges lower than many other operators in our local market. This point is easily demonstrated by the recent and continuing soaring increases in gas prices during the past few months, with no end in sight.

We limit our primary service area to the north county coastal region, with occassional exceptions. This helps to eliminate the inefficiencies that are associated with traveling long distances in heavy traffic conditions. This also allows for better customer service with reduced wait times. It also helps by limiting our contributing to the gridlock we so often experience on Our San Diego County roads. The phenomenom of large numbers of vehicles idling in traffic is greatly responsible for the increase in carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere.

We use environmentally friendly products by choice and always whenever possible. For example, Our flagship lubricant is CFC ( Chlorofluorocarbons) free and uses a butane/propane blend propellant instead. It is biodegradable, and non carcinogenic.  It is also safe to the skin and does not pollute the water or air. Amazingly, this product is comparable if not superior to the majority of products on the market depending on the application.

We recycle or reclaim old parts and recyle empty recylable packaging. These recyclable and reclaimed materials are important renewable resources and are a key part of any green sustainability program. All materials determined not to fall into these catagories are disposed of in a responsible manner, including the use of a San Diego County hazardous waste disposal drop off facility.

Locksmith On Call strives to be a conscientious member of the San Diego County business community by doing our part to ensure a clean living environment.




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